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pokeboss123 asked:

Oh hell yeah May! Have at it!

i start swirling my tongue around your cock as it starts throbbing while getting harder and harder with each swirl of the tongue….. i then feel your hand on my head and i nod my head “yes” to notion that you may grab  my hair and force my face into your cock…

brendanpokestario asked:

Hey sexy, its me brendan, lets fuck until you cant take my cock anymore ;) i'll be your cock slave in return!

oh hey brendan! didnt know you were here. come to visit my porno movie set i see. well your lucky im on my hour long break. and i see you brought me a “special package.” well since your a good friend and my shared boyfriend i guess i can skip a meal and get just a “jizz cocktail” instead. (unzips your fly and pushes u down on your back) also because i feel generous today i will do you one better than you being just my slave… you can also become the master of two of my favorite sexy slave bitches. their names are Johanna and Dawn. but lets not worry about their pretty pussies right now… lets fuck!

Heres your new slaves by the way…

hotbla2 asked:

I came from kalos and was requested to take you back with me. will you go? to be a slave to the champion of kalos? and he's right behind me IM him. so what do you say we should have some fun right before I take you back to my palace.* take cloths of*

sure i will go back to kalos with u… but i will not be a slave to your champion… instead they will be my slave!!! *pulls out whip and whips your ass for thinking of me as your slave and not the other way around*

toka-arigashi asked:

Ok this is officially the sexiest and funniest blog out there. care to have a "little" fun with a prince?

Ohhh a prince? I never thought I would ever get to fuck royalty! Sure I’ll do you! But only if I get to be a unofficial royal family member and get to be known as Porno Princess May. Do we have a deal? (Starts fondling breasts to try and seductively persuade you)

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