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hotbla2 asked:

I came from kalos and was requested to take you back with me. will you go? to be a slave to the champion of kalos? and he's right behind me IM him. so what do you say we should have some fun right before I take you back to my palace.* take cloths of*

sure i will go back to kalos with u… but i will not be a slave to your champion… instead they will be my slave!!! *pulls out whip and whips your ass for thinking of me as your slave and not the other way around*

toka-arigashi asked:

Ok this is officially the sexiest and funniest blog out there. care to have a "little" fun with a prince?

Ohhh a prince? I never thought I would ever get to fuck royalty! Sure I’ll do you! But only if I get to be a unofficial royal family member and get to be known as Porno Princess May. Do we have a deal? (Starts fondling breasts to try and seductively persuade you)

toastiewill asked:

hey May can you suck my cock ill do anything for you if you do *pulls out cock*

i shall do you a better favor…*slips my legs out of my bike shorts and pulls your head towards my panties making you bite my panties and pull them off with your mouth* *i then tell you to finger my pussy and kiss me while my panties are still in your mouth; eventually i end up with the panties in my mouth, and i drop them by letting go of my bite grip. you then proceed to pull my hand toward your rock hard cock as i give you a hand job while you move on to fingering my asshole while continuing to kiss me passionately. We do this for about an hour and then i decide to spread my pussy after moving the hand  that was giving you pleasure to your dick by giving it a hand-job. you then stop kissing me and say “get ready for the ride, its gonna be rough, i’ll ease you into it though.” i then get on top of you and about thirty minutes later we switch positions and you start ramming my pussy extremely hard…*

vortex-net asked:

oh May, Thank You, *starts licking your nice pussyy* Aaah <3 ;3 It's so sweet ;3 *licks your nipples* <3 *fingers your wet sexy pussy* Nice to hear that! ;D

ohhh mmmmphhh ahhhn ahhhhn AHHHHH! oh my god, your good! take me, shove your cock inside me, please do it now!!! ohhhh your so good at this!

vortex-net asked:

May, Can you show me the Night of my Life? ;3 I'll even be your Male sex slave if you do ;3

i would be honored, and yes u will be my male sex slave after this is all over. but first before we start i need to know if you are worthy. PROVE YOURSELF WORTHY BY FINGERING & LICKING MY CUNT!

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